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Permanent Change of Station (PCS'ing)

Making a permanent change in your duty station requires a lot of coordination and planning. We have collected a few links here that may help you. The Isles District covers five countries, and so the best source for a lot of specific information will probably be individual school web sites and the local base web site.

Online Registration Logo Be sure to use the Online Registration process to get the ball rolling. You can set up your own account and then keep the information updated using this system.
Isles DSO Logo
Use the Isles School web sites to get information specific to the school you will be moving to.
Logo for the Military Child

Here is a checklist from the Military Child Education Coalition. They have some specific suggestions for what parents should bring with them from outside schools and what they should take when leaving a DoDDS school.


DoDEA Logo
If you are moving to a different DoDEA school, either overseas or in the United States, start your search by going to the DoDEA web site and check out all the various schools.